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Get a second blue box

Dear Editor: Colleen Dawson's rage over her yellow recycling bag limits (Mailbox, April 11) merits an easy solution. Mine was to get a second blue box and designate it for mixed paper.
Inquiring Reporter: Will the Canucks make it to the Stanley Cup final this year?

Inquiring Reporter: Will the Canucks make it to the Stanley Cup final this year?

Tories favour oil over small business

Dear Editor: In your April 1 story, MPs Laud Budget Cuts, Job Boosts, you quoted North Vancouver MP Andrew Saxton saying: "In order to grow the economy we have to help entrepreneurs and small-and medium-sized businesses.

One year wiser

FOR hockey fans who recall a decade or more of Canucks' history, it's amazing to see how this regular season concluded. No sinking feeling, no do-or-die scraps to claw into eighth place, no bitterly dashed hopes - and no Dan Cloutier.

B.C. Conservatives should not accept floor-crossers

Dear Editor: I regret that the leader of the B.C. Conservative Party has accepted the recent departure of a Liberal MLA to sit as a B.C. Conservative in the people's legislature. Something I dearly felt should not have been allowed. The B.C.

You can get another yellow bag

Dear Editor: Regarding the April 6 letter Yellow Bag Recycling Limits Make No Sense: Colleen, that's terrific you are an avid recycler; the more the better! Please note that you can request additional yellow bags.

Good suggestions

THE jury at a coroner's inquest delivered a set of thoughtful recommendations this week following testimony about the death of North Vancouver's Matthew Wilcox. Wilcox was described as a talented animator and a joy to be around when he was healthy.

You said it

"I don't think it's healthy for us to believe that just because a program has been funded in the past that it will always be funded to eternity.

Clark's words for some ears only

I'VE always wanted a chance to shout "I've been thrown out of better places than this!" while being escorted to the exit.

News gets the word out

Dear Editor: Thanks to the North Shore News for helping to make our antiques-appraisal fundraiser for the Friends of the North Vancouver Museum and Archives such a success.