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DNV's lines of communication cloudy

Open letter to District of North Vancouver mayor and Council: I find it strange that all of council expressed concern about the low voter turnout in the recent municipal election, but the actions of this council over the past few years has been getti

Musicians paid for community building

Dear Editor: Since the Jan. 11 letter to the editor, City's Concert Budget Excessive, was an "open letter to the City of North Vancouver mayor and council" and I am a resident of North Vancouver and mentioned in the letter I feel obliged to respond.

Smoke out

NATIONAL Non-Smoking Week may not be a name on everyone's lips, but then neither are cigarettes. That's reason to celebrate.

Opinion: Ron Polly's new message trumps politics

Diagnosis during municipal election year prompts mayoral candidate to urge prostate cancer awareness

Story humanized homeless man's death

Dear Editor: Thank you for James Weldon's story on Doug Lalonde (A Man With a Name, Jan. 15), and thanks to his brother David for sharing it. I have so often heard, from surprising sources, that homeless people on the North Shore "are not from here.

Pipe dream?

A few thousand federal Liberals gathered in Ottawa over the weekend to gossip about leadership and try to come up with some innovative new policy ideas that might seize the public's imagination.

If Dix has changed, dump the unions

Dear Editor: I write regarding Keith Baldrey's Jan. 13 column, Glen Clark Changes Philosophy.

Middle school was hijacked

Dear Editor: Regarding your Jan. 13 story, Balmoral Residents Hijack Meeting: Parents and neighbours of Balmoral school had every right to "hijack" the information meeting at the school Jan. 10.

You said it

"Whether or not we agree or disagree on the decision to bring the Community Learning Program here, that is the decision.


IT'S been a long time coming for such an obvious idea. The union representing employees of B.C.