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Grads: Tanning not worth your life

Dear Editor: I turned 24 four weeks ago, and five days after my birthday I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I had gone to a walk-in clinic four days before I was diagnosed to get a weird looking mole removed.

Degree of difficulty

WE can probably all agree that educating young people is one of the most important investments a society can make to safeguard its long-term economic health. But as appealing as that argument is, you can't invest money you don't have.

There are no limits to yellow and blue bags

Dear Editor: I am writing in response to Colleen Dawson's April 6 letter, Yellow Bag Recycling Limits Make No Sense, and the subsequent letters by Judith Brook (April 11) and Catherine MacDonald (April 13) regarding yellow bag recycling limits.

Farm fresh food is worth crowing about

Dear Editor: Regarding the April 15 letter, Chickens in Residential Areas? No Clucking Way: I have lived in both rural and urban settings. For a number of years I raised chickens - 200 or more at the peak. I agree that roosters crow at all hours.

Chickens in residential areas? No clucking way

Dear Editor: Regarding your April 6 editorial, About Clucking Time: I hope this editorial is an Easter joke, if not, it's a bird-brained idea.

It depends whom you ask

Dear Editor: Regarding your March 30 editorial, Over Due: Why is it that even smart people like you believe - as all politicians do - that a catch-up to their counterparts is overdue? Could it not be that their counterparts in "wherever" should not e

You said it

"When the premier speaks, we would rather her comments not be reported." Gabe Garfinkel, executive assistant to Premier Christy Clark, asking North Shore News reporter Benjamin Alldritt to leave a B.C. Liberals event (from an April 8 column). . . .

On the buses

FUNDING public transportation is the Lower Mainland's own version of the Gordian Knot, and it's a rare municipal or provincial politician willing to risk their career on slicing it apart. Shame on them. The options are no mystery.

Psychotic breakdowns difficult for police

Dear Editor: I want to clarify my remarks on the Matt Wilcox inquest recommendations, cited by reporter Jane Seyd in her April 8 story, Jury's Police Training Proposal Supported.

Pay stub

IT'S not just our North Vancouver mayors who say their municipalities were blindsided by the three-years' worth of pay increases contained in the B.C. RCMP contract signed March 21 by B.C.