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Age old problems

The budget presented by Finance Minister Kevin Falcon in the legislature Tuesday afternoon suggests the Liberals have no immediate plans to act on - as opposed to study - recommendations made by the B.C.

Joint services always an option

Dear Editor: I'd like to clarify a few points raised in a recent Liz James column about amalgamation (Minister Chong Could Drive Amalgamation, Jan. 25).

Hats off to LGH staff

Dear Editor: All too often we are accosted by a litany of complaints about our hospital's dearth of beds; shortage of doctors; paucity of nurses; long waiting lists for surgery; inadequate facilities, etc.

Smith's lone tree a proud one for former councillor

Dear Editor: As they used to say on Laugh-In, "Verrrry interesting.

You said it

"I'm not sure it can be solved without putting more resources into it. They're clearly short judges and court time.

Smile for Big Brother

THERE'S been much comment this week on the insidious potential of the federal government's proposed Internet snooping laws.

What about another study?

Dear Editor: Interesting the District of North Vancouver would commission a study to amalgamate fire services to save money.

Society explained for the left wing's benefit

Dear Editor: Regarding your Viewpoint, Income Chasm (North Shore News, Feb. 5): Another ridiculous left-wing editorial from your left-wing newspaper. If you do not understand the type of society that we have here let me explain it for you.

License, insure longboarders

Dear Editor: Skateboarding on roads is one idea I am absolutely against. I live in the Seymour area and do not want these boards flying around the streets; it is bad enough they almost hit people now.

New pornography

IT'S difficult to understand where the Conservative Party stands on issues of individual rights and freedoms. Old-guard Reformers previously favoured smaller government and less regulation.