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Sharing the burden of tax pain

Dear Editor: You have recently published some misinformation. The municipal government tax increase in the District of North Vancouver will be 2 per cent, not 3 per cent or 3.5 per cent as suggested in the April 20 article by Jeremy Shepherd.

Column on The Hunger Games misses the point

Dear Editor: On reading Kathy Lynn's April 18 column on The Hunger Games I have to conclude that she is either unable to discern the themes and morals of the books and movie, or she simply has not read them and is repeating second-hand platitudes.

You said it

"Give me 46 kids and pay me another 10 grand? That doesn't help the situation.

Teaching a lesson

ON Friday, another salvo was fired in the nasty ongoing battle between the Liberal government and the B.C. Teachers Federation.

NV museum plans short on cash

IT'S hard to put a price on culture. Particularly when times are tough and dollars are short, it's understandable if taxpayers want their government to focus on the basics, like fixing roads. The trick is to find someone else willing to pay.

Has tulipmania hit North Van's streets?

Dear Editor: I am not sure if this is a case for Sherlock Holmes or the RCMP, but our neighbour posted this sign at the beginning of the month, and I have lost sleep over this. . . .

Reefer madness

MARIJUANA activists celebrate today as 4-20. The origin stories abound, but today has become moment for activists to defy the law and spark a joint in public.

Maintenance a factor in sale

Dear Editor: I was quoted in Jane Seyd's April 11 story Judge Denies Sale of NV Complex on the court decision regarding the sale of the Cypress Gardens' complex.

Curbside food scraps, meet North Shore bears

Dear Editor: Seems odd that on page A8 of your Sunday, April 15 edition we're being warned not to put out bear attractants under penalty of hefty fines, and on page A11 the region is celebrating the launch of its curbside food scraps recycling progra
Inquiring Reporter: How do you think transit expansion should be funded?

Inquiring Reporter: How do you think transit expansion should be funded?