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Waterfront plan will flood community with cars

Dear Editor, I would like to speak through you to the residents of the City of North Vancouver.

Caught in the web

At first blush it's easy dismiss high school pranks among the grad class as "kids being kids." But the 'pranks' described in a letter to the North Vancouver school district this week as being at the centre of grad contest are anything but benign.

Time to take on real bullies

Dear Editor: An open letter to George Abbott, minister of education: I heard the other day on CBC that you would be willing to go to court if necessary to stand up for teachers who are being bullied.
A year after the last election, is Canada moving in the right direction?

A year after the last election, is Canada moving in the right direction?

'Misfit' label a misnomer

Dear Editor: Gold, not misfits. The headline "Mainstream Misfits Got A Second Chance At Keith Lynn" (April 29, North Shore News) annoyed me.

Critic takes pot shots at cannabis claims

Dear Editor: I read the article "City Council Calls for Pot Regulation" by Benjamin Alldritt in the April 27 North Shore News with mixed emotions.

Gene tech outpacing law

Dear Editor: Regarding Promises, Promises (April 27, North Shore News), thank you for defending the Canadian public from troublesome distractions. I'm currently distracted by news that female fetuses are being selectively aborted in Canada.

Anti-green policies make average joe see red

Dear Editor: O Canada! What is happening to thee? Hard to believe it has only been a year since the Harper government won it's much-sought-after majority. It is now becoming painfully clear why.

A Keith Road cri de coeur

Dear Editor: To the District of North Vancouver council and staff: We love you. Yes it's true, we have loved you and your care of our community for many years now. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. But please don't do it.

Jobs? Not in their back yards

Dear Editor: On Sunday, the North Shore News published two letters from NIMBYs who do not want to understand the need for job creation. The first was about Seaspan and Harbourside (Seaspan, Harbourside Benefits Questioned, April 29).