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Hard labour

HAVING laid their politically adept chief to rest, the federal NDP now has to face up to some tough realities.

In North Van, slow growth would be a welcome development

Dear Editor: There is no shortage of voices from the density wilderness, but the majority are overpowered by those of the pro-development lobby: made up of developers themselves, municipal councillors, and City Hall bureaucracy.

Reading the riot

The long-awaited report on the June 15 hockey riot provides many details on what went wrong that night, but far fewer answers as to what to do about it.

Folly sinking ferry system

Dear Editor: After a billion dollars needlessly wasted and decades of incompetence in management, the B.C. Ferry fiasco has hit a brick wall (BC Ferries May Slash Horseshoe Bay Sailings, Aug. 30,

Trash can barb hard to bear

Dear Editor: In response to the story, Bear-Proof Garbage Still a Hard Sell: I understand the city's frustration with this issue; however I am also frustrated (North Shore News, Aug. 3).

Bags can be death sentence

Dear Editor: In the North Pacific, there is a sea of plastic garbage the size of Texas several feet deep (Plastic Bags Return to NV Supermarket, Aug. 21, North Shore News).

Incineration insinuation burns writer

Dear Editor: Contrary to letter writer Ben West's claim (Incinerator Critic Not Alone, Aug.

HST falls, but sky remains

Dear Editor: Your editorial, A Costly Victory, seems to present a simplistic view of the removal of HST (Aug. 28, North Shore News).

Forecast just the tip of the ice melt

Dear Editor: It's good news that provincial and municipal officials are beginning to take the effects of global climate change into account in planning (Climate Change Threatens NV Mud Flats, Aug.

Poll position

B.C.'s fixed-election-date law has always been a gimmick. The law sets a date, but also allows a premier to call an election whenever he or she feels the time is right.