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Robbing democracy

WE Canadians like to believe we're a different bunch than our neighbours south of the border.

You said it

"I had to walk up to the bus driver with my teeth in my hands and dripping blood and ask him to call the cops." North Vancouver's Steven Andrews recalls the aftermath of a brutal beating he suffered on a crowded Lynn Valley bus in 2010.

Planners making CityShaping assumptions

Dear Editor: I'm one of a growing number of City of North Vancouver residents who are concerned about the current process for renewing our official community plan via the CityShaping program.

The arrogance of view entitlement is astonishing

Dear Editor: Regarding your Feb. 22 story RCMP Investigate Park Tree Cutting: Like most North Vancouver residents, I read this story with some horror.

Midnight logging takes skill

Dear Editor: Tree cutting again! Round up the usual suspects? But who were they? I have been using chainsaws for 50-some years but if I had to cut trees that size on unstable looking slopes, in broad daylight, I would exercise incredible caution.

Safety building not safest idea

Dear Editor: I have participated in a couple of workshops about the 1300-block Marine Drive redevelopment. Although I am impressed with the developer's approach and empathy, my concerns are addressed at the broader political level.

'F' for optics

FAIR or not, the B.C. Teachers Federation should take a lesson in public relations from its current, nasty predicament. On Monday, the province's teachers will walk off the job in response to Victoria's latest bid to force them into a contract.

LETTER: Repurpose sailing club too

Dear Editor: Regarding the 1300-block Marine Drive redevelopment: I read the article in the North Shore News, Feb. 12, and support new development in this area for district profit and improving Ambleside.

At least ask the renegotiation question

AWRIGHT, youse cub reporters, line up, shut up, listen up, and learn good from an old bastard. Er, old master.

Accolades for Lions Gate Hospital

Dear Editor: I echo Barrie Street's good impression about staff at Lions Gate Hospital (North Shore News, Feb. 19).