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City's thinking on spending seems woolly

DEAR EDITOR: I was sooo relieved to learn that the City of North Vancouver has finally managed to secure adequate funding for the sewage treatment plant, and other unavoidable infrastructure repairs and upgrades.

Right on, sisters

YESTERDAY, as usual, there were those who claimed to be mystified by the point of International Women's Day.

Hoping for a tan-free grad

DEAR EDITOR: On behalf of the grad council at Handsworth secondary, I write as a student dedicated to seeing an increase of awareness in youth about the risk of indoor tanning.

Assess sewage plant's environmental impact

Dear Editor: I write regarding your Feb. 29 website story Metro to North Shore residents: What should we do with your sewage? North Vancouver residents should be aware that under the B.C.

Trees were a natural barrier to highway noise

DEAR EDITOR: I was deeply saddened to see BC Hydro completely cut down six huge trees on private property in the area near the Upper Levels Highway behind my house.

Boarding pass

THE collision between a longboarder and a resident in his truck in the run-up to Monday night's debate on a longboarding bylaw added yet more pressure to what was always going to be a difficult council decision.

Bill 22 will hurt quality of education

Dear Editor: I started teaching in 1971 in North Vancouver, after graduating from UBC. So I have worked through many labour disputes between the BCTF and the governments of British Columbia.

Teachers never had it so good

Dear Editor: I write regarding the B.C. teachers' strike. I have lived in North Vancouver all my life. I went through all 12 grades here. We used to have 40 to 45 students in a single class and there was never a word said about overcrowding.

Non-munching zone wanted

Dear Editor: While watching The Iron Lady, an excellent film with many long and quiet scenes in it, I was much distracted by the cacophony from the movie munchers beside and behind me.

Make bikes, boarders carry insurance

Dear Editor: After reading your Feb. 29 story, NV Man Petitions for Longboard Ban, I sympathize with Mr. Duffy and if I lived near him I would sign his petition. It is unfortunate that missing from the article, is what happens when Mr.