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Residents deserve say on smart meter installation

BC Hydro is beginning its roll-out of digital Smart Meters to replace current disk-style hydro meters. Many residents on the North Shore are unaware of the safety concerns and health risks associated with so-called Smart Meters.

Give 'em heck, Jack

Jack Layton's announcement Monday that he is taking "a temporary leave" from the position of Opposition leader in order to concentrate on fighting a new cancer discovered in recent tests did what the recent federal election could not - unite politici

Hydro bill letter typical of HST misinformation

Dear Editor: I wish to correct the misinformation in Wendy Qureshi's July 10 letter, HST on Hydro Bills Adds Up: Before the HST came into effect, BC Hydro applied five per cent GST and seven per cent PST to our hydro bills, but a provincial residenti

Simpler wind needed to dispel HST fog

Dear Editor: The best writers are those who write simply about the most complicated topics. The debates around the HST-GST/PST referendum could perhaps use such skills.

We pay the piper

APRIL is supposed to be the cruelest month, but for local taxpayers, it might just be July.

Smart (for whom?) meters

Dear Editor: Many people, including politicians, were surprised that BC Hydro would launch a $1-billion program to retrofit all the electricity meters in the province in a one-year time frame.

Maybe strap some pillows on as well

Dear Editor: With the prospect of increased traffic and congestion on Lonsdale Avenue looming every hour and every day, I thought a proposal might be useful. But first some background.

We don't want 'world class'

Dear Editor: Just read the cri due coeur letter from Sharon Harsford, Ambleside Inertia is Deadly (North Shore News, July 17).

You said it

"The main home is only 21,000 square feet. You can build up to 70,000. You could build a Gates home on there, really.

Falcon frets over B.C.'s economic growth

FINANCE Minister Kevin Falcon seems to have suddenly become very nervous.