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Hard choice

TWO separate cases are being heard in B.C. courts this week, both attempting to change the law and allow doctors or loved ones to help a person end his or her own life. Three U.S. states and four European countries currently permit assisted suicide.

Road to ruin

It's a terrifying prospect: tonnes of concrete suddenly giving way and falling onto a busy commuter corridor.

New NV bus lane needs to be cleared of jerks

Dear Editor: We now have a dedicated bus lane feeding to southbound Lions Gate Bridge traffic, which I am certain most will agree is a great thing as more time-efficient bus trips are bound to encourage people to use public transport.

Refusal to ban bottles a refreshing decision

Dear Editor: In your July 22 story, DNV Won't Ban Bottled Water, some information is shared with your readers that requires correction.

New CNV units a good development

Dear Editor: On July 25, City of North Vancouver council unanimously approved a development which will include four accessible, affordable units for voters with disabilities.

WV waterfront a walk of shame

Dear Editor: The state of the West Vancouver Seawalk is disgraceful.

Driving by the book can be costly

Dear Editor: With all due respect to North Vancouver RCMP Sgt.

Servers are not private tax collectors

Dear Editor: I just wanted to clear up a misconception about the HST. My daughter works as a waitress in West Vancouver. Recently she served a party of seniors who informed her that they were against the HST and therefore would not be tipping her.

Put to rights

The march of civil rights has always been uneven, with long passages of frustrating inaction punctuated by small steps and sudden leaps forward.

Park Royal changes will add to Marine Dr. mayhem

Dear Editor: I am amazed that the mayor and some council members actually agreed with the additional alterations Park Royal wants to make to Marine Drive.