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Traffic calming not safe

Dear Editor: I concur with letter writer Brad Braun in questioning and expressing concern about the traffic calming measures that have been introduced on the North Shore (Density+Traffic+Calming=Catatonia, North Shore News, Dec. 14).

Courting disaster

BRITISH Columbia's justice system is in crisis. This year, we saw serious cases delayed or thrown out because of a lack of judges to hear them or sheriffs to keep the courtroom safe.

Burrard Inlet tanker traffic is safe

Dear Editor: The front page North Shore News story of Dec. 11 notes that eight mayors have signed a letter to the National Energy Board seeking public consultation on future pipeline plans to Kinder Morgan's oil exporting facility in Burnaby.

Readers answer toy drive plea generously

Dear Editor: Every now and then, I am reminded of just how incredible the people are who live in my city. The response to your Dec. 16 story, Sally Ann Toy Drive Seeks Public's Help, has almost left me speechless.


PEOPLE should be forgiven if their level of Christmas cheer fails to match yours this time of year. Winter can be depressing. Getting up in the dark only to leave work at the end of the day facing the same blackness takes an unconscious toll.

Jonah's wake-up call

Dear Editor: A week ago or so, our caregiver Erica was at our home caring for our 23-month-old son, Jonah.

Christmas column changed me

Dear Editor: I read Kate Zimmerman's Dec. 11 column, Just Saying No to Christmas, and at first I thought, "Wow, Kate's feeling Grinchy today.

Health plan

OTTAWA has just put its foot down on health-care funding. Like it or not, it will be up to the provinces now to make the most of it.

Teachers should bargain on concessions

THE deal recently hammered out between school support unions and their employer potentially contains both good and bad news for the one union that never seems to get a deal: the B.C. Teachers Federation.

Head space

AN editorial published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Stop the Violence and Play Hockey, conflates fighting with head trauma and muddies the waters of a needed debate before it even starts.