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'F' for optics

FAIR or not, the B.C. Teachers Federation should take a lesson in public relations from its current, nasty predicament. On Monday, the province's teachers will walk off the job in response to Victoria's latest bid to force them into a contract.

LETTER: Repurpose sailing club too

Dear Editor: Regarding the 1300-block Marine Drive redevelopment: I read the article in the North Shore News, Feb. 12, and support new development in this area for district profit and improving Ambleside.

At least ask the renegotiation question

AWRIGHT, youse cub reporters, line up, shut up, listen up, and learn good from an old bastard. Er, old master.

Accolades for Lions Gate Hospital

Dear Editor: I echo Barrie Street's good impression about staff at Lions Gate Hospital (North Shore News, Feb. 19).

Towers not part of Ambleside streetscape

Dear Editor: As a 42-year resident of West Vancouver and now retired in Ambleside, I felt it my civic duty to attend the AmblesideNow streetscape public open house on Feb. 9 at the West Vancouver Memorial Library.

Think more pink

Congratulations to the staff and children of those North Shore schools who are wearing pink today as part of Pink Shirt Day. In some other provinces, the last Wednesday of February is called AntiBullying Day.

Area transit plan clarified, participation sought

Dear Editor: TransLink would like to clarify key details regarding the current consultation process for the North Shore Area Transit Plan.


WHEN the City of North Vancouver first enacted its bylaw requiring landlords to pay for costs of dismantling growops on their properties, it waded into an area of extra-judicial punishment increasingly popular with authorities.

You said it

"Those trees, the oldest ones are 145 years old. I think about B.C. coming into Confederation. That's how old these trees are.

Tree cutting a travesty

Dear Editor: In regards to your recent story about the removal of trees from Capilano River Regional Park (RCMP Investigate Park Tree Cutting, Feb. 22), my wife and I grew up on the North Shore with parks being a large part of our lives.