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Speed bump

PEOPLE can generally accept not getting everything they want, but what really gets them mad is feeling like they've been cheated.

you said it

"Mr. Jardine seems like an honest fellow. Perhaps he wandered into this naively - I'll take that at face value. But we're talking big dollars here." Coun.

How many pounds of flesh can we afford?

Dear Editor: Regarding your July 8 story Mayors Back Gas Tax Hike for SkyTrain: So let me see if I got this right. We were promised a third SeaBus a gazillion years ago after a pound of our North Shore flesh in taxes.

Careless accident could have been fatal

Dear Editor: Further to your story about the intoxicated driver who walked away from a crash that closed the highway near Cypress Bowl on June 29: I was in the other car that got "damaged" in that incident, going the opposite way on the highway.

A cry from the density wilderness

Dear Editor: I could only shake my head in disbelief when reading your July 6 story, City Backs Works Yard Land Swap. I am not against the works yard project itself, it might be necessary as pointed out in your article.

Dumping HST will create bigger budget hole than keeping it

Dear Editor: Garrett Polman hit the nail on the head in his July 10 letter HST 'Fix' Will Have to be Paid for by Other Means.
Inquiring Reporter: Do you think David Hahn's $315,000 pension is appropriate?

Inquiring Reporter: Do you think David Hahn's $315,000 pension is appropriate?

Bounty mutiny

THERE'S trouble below decks at B.C. Ferries and possible mutinies on the way over the scandalous pension package of ferries boss David Hahn, revealed this week to be $315,00 a year upon retirement.

Learn to change behaviours if you live in bear country

Dear Editor: After reading in the paper today about another black bear/human conflict on the North Shore ending in the death of a bear (Two Bears Shot in North Vancouver on One Day, North Shore News, July 8)), I am outraged as a North Shore resident

Cost of living creates homeless

Dear Editor: I just finished reading about the rise in youth homelessnes (Homeless Youth on the Rise, North Shore News, July 10).