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Teachers doing their job in WV

Dear Editor: I would like to respond to Ms. Audain's Dec. 14 letter, Parents Rights Ignored by Teachers' Job Action. I am a secondary teacher in West Vancouver.
What was the biggest story of 2011 for you?

What was the biggest story of 2011 for you?

Investigate a Vancouver Island bridge

Dear Editor: The recent accident at the ferry terminal at Duke Point is another reason why there is a need to look closely at constructing a bridge from the Mainland to Vancouver Island.

The right path

THIS winter, you could do no greater favour for our local rescue volunteers than to buy a compass.

What was the biggest story of 2011 for you?

The last 12 months add up to a busy year. There were the Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia that spread across the region, followed by the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan.

To hell with my carbon footprint

Dear Editor: On Dec. 11, my wife and I decided to visit family on Bowen Island.

Traffic calming not safe

Dear Editor: I concur with letter writer Brad Braun in questioning and expressing concern about the traffic calming measures that have been introduced on the North Shore (Density+Traffic+Calming=Catatonia, North Shore News, Dec. 14).

Courting disaster

BRITISH Columbia's justice system is in crisis. This year, we saw serious cases delayed or thrown out because of a lack of judges to hear them or sheriffs to keep the courtroom safe.

Burrard Inlet tanker traffic is safe

Dear Editor: The front page North Shore News story of Dec. 11 notes that eight mayors have signed a letter to the National Energy Board seeking public consultation on future pipeline plans to Kinder Morgan's oil exporting facility in Burnaby.

Readers answer toy drive plea generously

Dear Editor: Every now and then, I am reminded of just how incredible the people are who live in my city. The response to your Dec. 16 story, Sally Ann Toy Drive Seeks Public's Help, has almost left me speechless.