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City librarians stand vigilant for bed bugs

Dear Editor: I am writing to clarify further the quotation attributed to me in a Nov. 9 story in the North Shore News headlined, No Bed Bugs in N. Shore Books.

Let's all get along out there

Dear Editor: As a commuter who heads to work via car and rides a bike home from downtown everyday, I get a unique perspective on the good, the bad and the ugly of the daily antics of some in the local bike commuter community.

Waiting for Taylor Way alternate

Dear Editor: Fifty years ago, Third Street in the Cedardale area of West Vancouver was designated to be an approach to the Lions Gate Bridge.

Roar, you Lions

ON paper, the B.C. Lions were favourites to win the Grey Cup. But sports supporters in this province have had lots of practice watching their favourites implode, so they could be forgiven for their nervousness heading into Sunday's final.

You said it

"Of course I wanted to continue contributing, that goes without saying. But I really was getting fed up with all the nonsense and the stuff that goes on with politics." Outgoing city Coun.

Balmoral neighbours ignored

Dear Editor: Contrary to your article of Nov. 20 on the new alternative program slated to commence at Balmoral in September 2012, there has not been "too little consultation with neighbours." There has been none.

Low turnout perpetuates a shameful circle

Dear Editor: Shame on the 25,777 eligible City of North Vancouver voters who did not vote on Nov. 19.

Rezoning does require our approval

Dear Editor: I was stunned to read in the Nov. 9 North Shore News the report on the public hearing on the Shell gas station at 13th Street and Marine Drive in West Vancouver. Coun. Michael Lewis said "I think they've missed the boat.

Watch out

THIS week, the provincial government announced the creation of a new auditor-general for local government. It remains to be seen whether this is a good thing.

Not paying the piper cost Vivian Vaughan

Dear Editor: West Vancouver lost an excellent candidate for councillor, Vivian Vaughan, probably because she did not participate in private interviews with the West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government.