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RCMP impress Mexican student

Dear Editor: I was host to a lovely ESL student from Mexico last summer. She was attacked on Marine Drive in broad daylight in an attempted robbery. She was badly frightened and though punched and pushed to the ground, was not too badly hurt.

New Balmoral students will make fine neighbours

Dear Editor: As a former student of Balmoral junior secondary and a current teacher of many of the students Lisa Buss carelessly maligns in her Nov. 27 letter to the editor, Balmoral Neighbours Ignored, I feel compelled to respond. Ms.

Support all your local schools

Dear Editor: On behalf of the North Vancouver Board of Education, I would like to provide some perspective on recent reporting and correspondence in the North Shore News regarding the future of Balmoral school. At our Nov.

We killed Frosty

IT'S been a tough week for the human race. As officials from the world's nations gather in the sunny resort town of Durban, the consensus is that nothing will be done to avert or even lessen the effects of climate change.

L'├ętat c'est moi

AFTER the number of election campaigns Stephen Harper has been through, you would think he understood that the people of Canada are his boss, not the other way around.

you said it

"You're looking at a minimum of three hours before you're even back on the road.

CFIB only tells half the story

Dear Editor: I wish to respond to the recent articles regarding the Canadian Federation of Independent Business's B.C. Municipal Spending Watch report.

Bring on the auditor general

Dear Editor: I am very much in favour of a municipal auditor general.

Byelections could give Liberals a boost

THE next provincial election is supposedly not until May 2013, but we will have two critical byelections before then - and there could be more. Two B.C.

20 more years

ON Thursday, both the federal government and the province stepped back from the edge of the precipice and proceeded to shake hands on a new RCMP deal. That the two sides waited until Nov.