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Brand-new monster looms over Parkway

Dear Editor: In North Vancouver, we live in quiet suburbia. Or at least we did. Now, there is an elephant in the room. How could this have been allowed to come into our neighborhood? I refer to Cedar Springs - what a dreadful eyesore.

Taxpayer loses in Liberal numbers game

IN terms of sheer magnitude, the monkey business going on with BC Hydro's accounting practices may rank as the most misleading financial dodge ever performed by a B.C. government.

A nasty surprise in store?

DEAR EDITOR: To my fellow West Vancouver residents: If you are like me, you chose West Vancouver to be your home because it was different from other communities in the Lower Mainland; it was a place where community was important.

Democracy threatened by apathy, not intrigue

DEAR EDITOR: It seems to me that Mr. Bill Vaughan and Mr. Michael Lewis have missed the target in their rage against the West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government (Stacking the WVCGG Vote, Oct. 26, North Shore News).

Home front

NO one can read the details of Eldon Mooney's death, reported on today's front page, without being horrified.

Spirit Trail shouldn't mar habitat

Dear Editor: The District of North Vancouver has marked out approximately 40 feet of land along the edge of the Mackay Pond Conservation Park on West First Street to be turned into a part of the Spirit Trail.

Crowd control

SOME time on Monday, according to the UN, the Earth will see the birth of its seven billionth inhabitant. The news is a cause for concern, as the international body has said, but not a cause for despair.
Do you think it's a good idea to abolish the long-gun registry?

Do you think it's a good idea to abolish the long-gun registry?

Landmark effort

In no particular order, the most popular stories we write - both ongoing and in terms of readership - are about dogs, bears and trees. So, an editorial on a single tree had to come sooner or later.

Kids casualties of job action

Dear Editor: I have two children attending elementary school in North Vancouver. I find it appalling that we are two months into the school year, and nothing has been done about the job-action strike the teachers are on.
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