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Credibility not about money

Dear Editor: In your Sunday, Nov. 6 editorial Office Space, you state that there is "no credible threat" to the incumbent in the City of North Vancouver mayoralty race.

Is there a voice without media?

Dear Editor: I am responding to the Nov. 4 letter headlined Not Just a Slumber Party. I am all for free speech and getting "the message" out. However in recent days reporters approaching the art gallery have been verbally abused and threatened.

Office space

IT's debatable what our largely non-existent mayors' races in the three North Shore municipalities really say about our community.

Carson win was an honourable win

Dear Editor: I am writing to make a formal apology to the coaches, players, parents and community of Carson Graham football for some of the comments I made in Andy Prest's story about West Vancouver secondary's recent game against that team (Return o

Gun editorial misses mark

Dear Editor: Irrational public policy debates like the long-gun registry interest me. In my view, your recent editorial trashing the Conservatives for abolishing the registry is seriously misleading (Safety catch, Oct. 26, North Shore News).

You said it

"He was doing what he was trained to do. He was saving everyone's lives. Unfortunately it cost him his life.

Homes filled with good hearts

Dear Editor: There must be fear flooding through the minds of those who have an elderly parent in a care home this week (Coroner Says Home Lied in Senior's Death, Nov. 2, North Shore News).

Sad notes

IT was fitting that the latest chapter in the Kash Heed saga unfolded this week close to Halloween. Every time we think this political story has had a stake driven through its heart, like a vampire, it comes back to life.

SeaBus begets game-night nightmare

Dear Editor: Once again, I'm returning from Vancouver on a Canucks/Lions game night, and once again I'm left standing for nearly an hour at the SeaBus terminal. I cannot fathom why TransLink refuses to add extra sailings on nights like this.

Not just a slumber party

Dear Editor: As shocking as it may sound, Occupy Vancouver protesters do in fact have reasons for what they do. I wonder if this thought even occurs to the authorities looking to end the protests as soon as possible.
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