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Stacking the WVCGG vote

Dear Editor: In your Oct. 19 North Shore News story, Citizens' Group to Publish WV Slate, you state that West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government claim that all but one of the candidates have submitted to its private interview process.

You said it

"You must recognize that there is an element in West Vancouver that holds us back, and whoever is on council for the next years is going to have to make some brave and forceful steps to take Ambleside to that next stage.

Illegal sometimes

THIS has been a sad week for two households in the City of North Vancouver. Before long, the city will have in hand an injunction from the B.C. Supreme Court ordering them to leave their homes.

New dairy laws udder nonsense

Dear Editor: I own a share of a dairy cow that is kept for me in the Fraser Valley. From this cow I choose to take and consume milk and milk products in their raw, unpasteurized form.

Fringe benefits

As this paper goes to press, former U.S. President George W. Bush is heading to a Surrey ballroom to speak to a $599-per-head audience.

Pedantic few must stand united

Dear Editor: I must express gratitude to Kate Zimmerman's Oct. 9 article on the current state of English language usage (I'm Taken Back by Bad Grammar Everyday, North Shore News).

On Lonsdale densification: the more, the merrier

Dear Editor: Recent letters have expressed concern over development along the Lonsdale Avenue corridor resulting in increased traffic, etc.

Tie-down could bear-proof your garbage

Dear Editor: A month ago after a bear did $1,500 damage to my car while pushing it out of the way to get to the garbage can, I went to the district to get a bear-proof one. They said they were out of them and might get some in at the end of October.

Sequoia deserved protection

Dear Editor: I thought significant trees were to be protected. For the last 400 years, long before it was the south side of the 1200-block of Marine Drive, across from SaveOnFoods, stood a sequoia.

Wrong message in sentence

Dear Editor: Regarding your Oct.
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