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Think for yourself

ONCE again, West Vancouver's influential Citizens for Good Government electors group is preparing to draw up its list of favourites for the November municipal election. Once again, that list will no doubt affect the outcome.

We made friends in high places

Dear Editor: In an otherwise fine Oct. 12 column about home ownership and prices - Region's Housing Costliest in Canada - Kevin Vallely makes an assumption about "the general anonymity of tower living.

Street performance

IN recent weeks, liberal-minded people from across the continent have flocked to America's - and now Canada's - financial capitals to demand, well, something.

MP responds to Insite decision

Dear Editor: In this Thanksgiving week, we on the North Shore have plenty for which to be grateful. An Oct.

No golden eggs here, so let's kill the geese

Dear Editor: Canada geese are an ever-growing problem, both here and in the U.K. and doubtless elsewhere. But the U.K. appears to have solved the problem by allowing them to be culled and eaten.

Skunk problem just stinks

Dear Editor: I would like to know if I am the only resident on the North Shore to notice the increase in the skunk population? It is alarming to see so many dead ones on the streets as well as roaming through yards.

Forget exposure, Clark may need armour

FACE it, Liberals. Christy Clark's election campaign is bombing. Large

Tricky treaties

Ironic or serendipitous? You decide. One day after the B.C. Treaty Commission's chief commissioner suggested that this province's treaty talks be shut down entirely if they cannot be sped up, a major health agreement is signed between B.C.

Positive reinforcement may pay better health dividends

Dear Editor: Health Minister Mike de Jong has it ridiculously incorrect when he suggests smokers pay more for health care. Perhaps smokers might be looking after their health in other ways: less stress, more exercise, etc.

The North Shore is shortchanged on transit

Dear Editor: As a North Shore resident, I feel compelled to send a message to the North Shore mayors and councils regarding the two cent hike on the gas tax.
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