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Debate is good, but repeat what I said correctly

DEAR EDITOR: Paul Hundal's Sept. 18 letter on garbage burning (EFW) misstates my positions in my Sept. 4 letter, a disappointing tactic in addressing a current issue. I did not refer to any "environmental report," nor did I discuss particulates.

'F' for BCTF wage demands

Dear Editor: Teaching and learning are supposed to go together.

Garbage-burning byproducts fuel future fears

Dear Editor: I completely disagree with John Hunter's Sept. 4 letter, Incineration Insinuation Burns Writer, promoting the incineration of Metro Vancouver's garbage.

Don't fight city hall

IT'S astonishing that a North Vancouver man will likely have to knock down a brand-new house he has built on his property. Despite his pleas for leniency, district staff are currently headed to court to get an order for it to be demolished.

Highway speeders scary

Dear Editor: I would be extremely displeased (in Canada we don't get angry) if a member of my family were to be injured, or worse, in an accident caused by these witless "children." At the least any licenses these "drivers" possess should be revoked.

you said it

"A group of knowledgeable physicians and a group of beautiful angels who work here as nurses provided me with the best care possible on this planet.

Don't count the U.S. out as a superpower

I'M uncomfortable sounding upbeat. It's so out of character.

West Vancouver community rallies round landmark train

Dear Editor: My family has lived on the North Shore for more than 35 years. We own the house with the model train on Marine Drive near 28th Street. The train was built close to 50 years ago and serves as our mailbox.

Hot rocks

If geothermal energy is the answer to Canada's future energy needs, we should at least know that by now. But 100 years after the world's first commercial geothermal power plant was built in Italy in 1911, we don't.

LGH care is first-class

Dear Editor: On Aug. 9, I tripped over shoes that I had left in the middle of a cement floor and fell hard on my left shoulder, dislocating and generally making a mess of it.
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