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Front-page faux pas

Dear Editor: Morals and ethics? I am appalled at what appeared on the front page of the North Shore News Aug. 31: Paroled Killer Goes to Law School and Convicted WVPD Officer to Keep Job.

'Dinosaur' view needs wiping out

Dear Editor: Todd Major's Aug. 24 column, Dinosaurs are in our Gardens, is, in our opinion, blinded with antiscience and arrogance. Kitchen salt is more dangerous to children than the weed killer 2,4-D, the main target of alarmists.

Out of order

CONGRATULATIONS are in order for the three North Shore men - Yuri Fulmer, Tim Jones and James O'Rourke - recently named to the Order of B.C. Their dedication and love of their community have improved lives and saved lives.

Taking heart from an empty lane

Dear Editor: On a recent Saturday at about 6: 45 p.m., I was heading to the airport from North Vancouver when I ran into a bit of a line up on the cloverleaf at the Lions Gate Bridge.

Hard labour

HAVING laid their politically adept chief to rest, the federal NDP now has to face up to some tough realities.

In North Van, slow growth would be a welcome development

Dear Editor: There is no shortage of voices from the density wilderness, but the majority are overpowered by those of the pro-development lobby: made up of developers themselves, municipal councillors, and City Hall bureaucracy.

Reading the riot

The long-awaited report on the June 15 hockey riot provides many details on what went wrong that night, but far fewer answers as to what to do about it.

Folly sinking ferry system

Dear Editor: After a billion dollars needlessly wasted and decades of incompetence in management, the B.C. Ferry fiasco has hit a brick wall (BC Ferries May Slash Horseshoe Bay Sailings, Aug. 30,

Trash can barb hard to bear

Dear Editor: In response to the story, Bear-Proof Garbage Still a Hard Sell: I understand the city's frustration with this issue; however I am also frustrated (North Shore News, Aug. 3).

Bags can be death sentence

Dear Editor: In the North Pacific, there is a sea of plastic garbage the size of Texas several feet deep (Plastic Bags Return to NV Supermarket, Aug. 21, North Shore News).
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