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Teachers should bargain on concessions

THE deal recently hammered out between school support unions and their employer potentially contains both good and bad news for the one union that never seems to get a deal: the B.C. Teachers Federation.

Head space

AN editorial published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Stop the Violence and Play Hockey, conflates fighting with head trauma and muddies the waters of a needed debate before it even starts.

Drop to a 30 km/h limit

Dear Editor: District of North Vancouver council's attention to traffic calming initiatives has my full support. We live on a residential street without sidewalks that is a favourite for families out for some exercise.

Return this machine for refund

Dear Editor: I am writing to you today to draw attention to the Coca-Cola machine that is located next to the amenities block in Capilano Regional Park near Cleveland Dam.

No Attawapiskat financial oversight

Dear Editor: Regarding your Dec. 11 editorial, Forked Tongue: A better header for the current situation at the Attawapiskat Indian Reserve in Ontario would be Fork it Out.

You said it

"There's been zero consultation with our nation and zero consultation with any of the cities in the area.

Save the Shlockbuster collection of rare videos

Dear Editor: Shlockbuster Video in Lower Lonsdale has been given notice that the building is going to be demolished for condos and the business will be required to vacate the premises at the end of this month. I am saddened by this news.

True patriot love

ONE of the traits that define our nation is that we are tolerant of the beliefs and practices of those who settle here from afar.

Standing ovation for Presentation House

Dear Editor: Regarding your rather undeserved critique of Presentation House's production of Norm Foster's fabulous, timeless play, Old Love (Charm Not Enough To Carry Old Love, North Shore News, Dec. 9): Outdated? Don't take it personally.

Foot fault, West Van

Dear Editor: It is incredible for the public to suddenly learn that the District of West Vancouver is discontinuing the use of the three well-used public tennis courts in the recreation block at Gordon Avenue for a period of two years.
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