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HST 'fix' will have to be paid for by other means

Dear Editor: Regarding the advertisement in the North Shore News of July 6 advocatingt the retention of the HST: In their ad, the four North Shore MLAs state that voting to keep the HST will save you money as the HST rate will be reduced. The B.C.


WE live in black bear country here on the North Shore and, as the dominant species, we have to figure out how we are going to share our territory with them. Yet on Wednesday we caused two of them to be killed, the first hereabouts this year.

Is there a hillbilly curse on Evelyn Drive?

DUE to riotous living across the inlet, I reluctantly delayed noting this important West Vancouver date.

HST ads do not help one understand referendum

Dear Editor: I had a good laugh this morning reading in your paper (June 29, page 34) the provincial government's ad on the HST referendum: "Before you vote, understand the referendum question.

West Van council should adhere to OCP standards

Dear Editor: I am grateful that West Vancouver council rejected the two proposals for towers at the Safeway site.

Access to medical marijuana made worse

Dear Editor: As a director for Re-Leaf Dispensary, I can say our society and our patients were deeply disappointed by the District of North Vancouver's knee-jerk reaction to outright ban medicinal dispensaries in their boundaries.

City left holding the bag on Low Level Rd. risk

Dear Editor: Regarding the City of North Vancouver's recent rejection of the proposed Low Level Road upgrade: I work on the North Vancouver waterfront.

Grateful for chemo dept

Dear Editor: I don't agree with what Arlene S. King said in her July 3 letter, Brighten Up Chemo Department, about the chemotherapy department at Lions Gate Hospital.

Make them pay for rioting

Dear Editor: Vancouver's image was slimed by the riot and the rioters. Now the police are into a lengthy and costly investigation process, to be followed by an even lengthier and costlier judicial process.

War and peace

CANADA'S war in Afghanistan - the "armed conflict" that no politician or general wanted to label a war - came to an end Tuesday with the transfer of battle command to U.S. units at Ma'sum Ghar.