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Waste not want not

Since she spends so much time thinking about the energy required to produce, ship and package food, Heather Johnstone is acutely aware of what's going into her garbage can.

Is fish farming harming our oceans?

What's a responsible seafood lover to do? On the one hand, environmentalists caution that the world's oceans have been massively over-fished. But fish farming, a large and growing industry in B.C., has been dogged with controversy.

No cars ready for Electric Avenue

LOCAL businesses and government on the North Shore are eager to start moving forward with electric vehicles - they just need automakers to catch up.


ZEN JAPANESE RESTAURANT With an elemental dependence on ingredients from the sea, it makes sense that purveyors of Japanese cuisine would want to take care of the ocean.

Nature part of designs

- Expressive Modern, by Amy Lau, The Monacelli Press, 216 pages, $60. LOOKING at the photographs of homes that interior designer Amy Lau has worked on is to witness a study in precision.

Kids' stuff

Baby Storytime: Free dropin for children ages two and younger, Thursdays, 10: 15-10: 45 a.m. at the North Vancouver City Library, 120 West 14th St. Info: www.nvcl. ca.

A taste for local

The story is local at one North Shore food retailer.

Greening the Glass

As a wine region, Chile already enjoys a built-in culture of sustainability, thanks in great part to its natural geographic isolation.

Moja's got mojo

Thanks to an upstart coffee microroaster, when the masses at the Vancouver Convention Centre get their daily jolt, it's organic and fair-trade. Since 2010, North Vancouver's Moja Coffee has been the exclusive supplier to the VCC.

Unsung heroes

OCTOPUS One way to avoid the depletion of our favourite fish from the sea is to include less popular marine creatures on the menu; the squishy, spiny and tentacled beasts that seem more scary than succulent.