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Buddha-Full in every way

Buddha-Full in every way

Earlier this week I interviewed a nutrition consultant for a story coming up in Sunday's paper. We talked about the value of whole foods; the power of food to heal; setting a good example for children when it comes to making healthy choices.

Enjoy those autumn colours

IT'S still summer in my mind and I'm going to enjoy all the beauty the garden provides before I start any garden renovations. That doesn't mean there isn't work to do.

Wet weather is on the way

HARD to believe with the September we've been having, but our rainy season is on the way.

Kids' stuff

A Capella Chorus: Choirs for children ages eight-12 and youth 13-18 are looking for new members. Learn songs from Africa, raise money for Education Without Borders, perform outreach concerts for the elderly and make recordings.

Remembering the first

- My First Car, by Matt Stone. Published by Motorbooks, $28.00, 223 pages. LIFE is full of firsts, some of them are memorable while others don't make much of an impression. For any auto enthusiast, the memory of that first car lasts forever.

Make your home more energy efficient

IT might have been the scorching temperatures of the Utah desert that swaddled us, or the flash-thunderstorms that disgorged immeasurable volumes of water upon us, but after spending the last few weeks of summer holiday in a small tent with my family

A compendium of winged wonders

- The Complete Book of North American Butterflies, edited by Paul A. Opler (Thunder Bay Press, 192 pages) $21.95 THEY float through the air like mythical fairies, their delicate wings gently propelling them on a journey from flower to flower.

Back in the car, back to buying gas

IF you've been biking and walking more often this summer, the return to four wheels might feel like a sharp pinch in the pocketbook.

Contest encourages families to walk to win

WITH the start of the school year, North Shore families are encouraged to keep daily physical activity a part of their schedule by participating in the Healthy Families B.C. Walking Challenge.

Celebrate the wines of Oz this September

MANY years ago, somewhere near the equator, on a choppy Pacific Ocean, we recall opening a bottle of wine in our container ship quarters. The wine just happened to be Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon (BCLS $17.