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Cat kicker deserves same

Dear Editor: I am absolutely disgusted and outraged by the story on the front page of the North Shore News dated Aug. 17 (Cat Kicked to Death in North Vancouver). First of all, I would like to say how deeply sorry I am to the family of this cat.

Our trash is not someone else's problem

Dear Editor: I appreciated seeing the letter you published Aug. 10, Critics Who Trash Waste Incineration Need Filling In.

You said it

"It's been like another appendage for me. That one is really hard to see disappear.

Little league game scores

Dear Editor: August 12 at Chris Zuehlke Memorial Park I saw the best ball game I've ever seen.

Lonsdale waterfront needs green space

Dear Editor: After reading your Aug.

Park WV's art elsewhere

Dear Editor: I happened to be in the vicinity of the Ferry Building, when Christine Ballantine's July 29 letter, Don't Pave Over Paradise, came to mind.

Flood pains

OUR provincial government is to be commended for releasing a new map this week outlining areas of British Columbia that will become potential floodplains as ocean levels rise this century.

The future is now but it's also unfriendly

TECHNOLOGY has reached a point where it's possible to control your entire home using one remote, says Philip Tsui, CEO and Chairman of Skylink Group. ACT I Evening.

Pajari suggests mews hearing compromised

Was West Van council's Esquimalt Avenue/ Hollyburn Mews densification decision tainted?

Rush to justice

VANCOUVER'S police and B.C.'s court system have taken some tough criticism in the aftermath of the rioting in Britain.