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Anti-fruit mansion owner should set sights elsewhere

Dear Editor: Boo hoo for West Vancouver homeowner Paul Marshall (Mansion Owner Takes on Fruit Man, Aug. 24, North Shore News). Kudos to the district's Bob Sokol for seeing through the ridiculousness of his complaint about Brian's Fruit Stand.

A costly victory

The hated HST is dead. Soon its equally unloved cousin, the PST, will be dug up and pressed back into service.

Road crew paving way to financial ruin

Dear Editor: I would like your help. Earlier this year, a crew came to our neighborhood and conducted the most frivolous undertaking imaginable.

Plastic waste solution in the bag

Dear Editor: Regarding the plastic-shopping-bag environmental issue (Plastic Bags Return to NV Supermarket, Aug.

Gambling problem

THE recommendations issued this week by B.C.'s gaming and enforcement branch that aim to steer the province's casinos away from cash are just a baby step on the road to combating money laundering.

Province must talk cents on transit subsidy

Dear Editor: More than 20 mayors in the Lower Mainland are proposing to add a twocent levy to the price of a litre of gas to pay for public transport improvements, but the provincial government is dithering (The Fairer Tax, July 13, North Shore News)

Incinerator critic not alone

Dear Editor: I have been dismayed by the letters in your paper attacking opponents of waste incineration (Critics Who Trash Waste Incineration Need Filling In, Aug. 10, North Shore News).

Backing off black bears' berries could prove fruitful

Dear Editor: Eight Bears Killed - and Counting (Aug. 19, North Shore News). Soon there will be none. Here's a thought: Stop people from picking wild berries.

Ferries' 'contribution' raises questions

Dear Editor: The article "B.C. chips in $40M to Seaspan bid" in the July 27 North Shore News was interesting and informative, but one line left me perplexed. B.C.

North Van forests on trail to ruin

Dear Editor: Monica Craver is not the only citizen in our community concerned about the excess of mountain bike trails and the harm they are doing to the ecology of our local forests (A Different Track, Aug. 14, North Shore News).