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War and peace

CANADA'S war in Afghanistan - the "armed conflict" that no politician or general wanted to label a war - came to an end Tuesday with the transfer of battle command to U.S. units at Ma'sum Ghar.

Give TransLink feedback on evening service cuts

Dear Editor: I just found out that TransLink is reducing 246 Highland bus service after 7 p.m. to once an hour as of June 20.

Royal flush

TRY as you might to ignore it, the coming week is going to be wall-to-wall William and Kate. Not since Paul Revere galloped through Massachusetts have so many gotten so worked up over the arrival of some British people.

Victims face offenders in North Vancouver justice program

Caught for covering a North Vancouver high school in graffiti with his friends four years ago, Vicky Crompton's teenage son took responsibility for his crime within the justice system but without ever setting foot in a traditional courtroom.

Transit to N. Shore doesn't compare

Dear Editor: I just finished reading your June 22 bus service story and I just wanted to let you know that the 246 Highland bus has changed routing, but has also reduced its service to hourly after 7 p.m.

Blue box pickups clarified

Dear Editor: I read with great interest Drake Fenton's June 24 story in your paper, Bigger Not Better for West Van Recycling, regarding the North Shore Recycling Program not allowing large blue boxes for collection.

Brighten up chemo department

Dear Editor: Your June 19 Sunday Focus story on Dr. Paul Klimo, Last Call, was excellent. Another excellent tribute to Dr.

West Vancouver can't regrow kidneys or land

Dear Editor: Recently we learned of a Chinese teenager who sold one of his kidneys to buy an iPad. In less than five years he'll need to replace the iPad but won't have another kidney to sell.

Superstore buggy boy is my hero

Dear Editor: I was shopping at North Vancouver's Superstore recently and rushing to make yoga before my graveyard shift. As a single mom with three kids in tow, it's never easy.

You Said It

"Our staff here is not equipped or trained to trap a marmot." Dragana Hajdukovic of the West Vancouver SPCA explains they can't do anything about the marmot currently living in the area of Marine Drive and 14th Street in West Vancouver.