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It can be wrong to be 'right'

Dear Editor: This letter is in response to Daniel Brownell's letter to the editor, Driving by the Book Can Be Costly (North Shore News, Aug. 3). I suggest Mr. Brownell read the "book" again.

You said it

"The past is not gone. The past is here. I think that by not condemning what happened, we are condoning it.

Sell the hardware, not the cans

Dear Editor: I read with interest your Aug. 3 story about the garbage containers for bears sold by the District of North Vancouver.

Red letter day

AS British Columbians got their weekends started Friday evening, the deadline passed to vote yes or no to the HST.

Argyle Avenue traffic ban makes sense

Dear Editor: I would like to offer my comments regarding the Harmony Arts Festival this year eliminating vehicle traffic along Argyle Avenue for the duration of the 10-day festival.

Transit cash crunch solved: bill cyclists

Dear Editor: In an article last month, West Vancouver Mayor Pam Goldsmith-Jones and her colleagues loaded another two-per-cent-per-litre gas tax hike on the motoring public to pay for the new SkyTrain route to Port Coquitlam (Mayors Back Gas Tax Hike

North Shore of yore was a bearless Eden

Dear Editor: I would like to echo the sentiment expressed by James R. Thomson in his July 29 letter (Bears Should Go Back to Blueberries, North Shore News). Mr.

Hard choice

TWO separate cases are being heard in B.C. courts this week, both attempting to change the law and allow doctors or loved ones to help a person end his or her own life. Three U.S. states and four European countries currently permit assisted suicide.

Road to ruin

It's a terrifying prospect: tonnes of concrete suddenly giving way and falling onto a busy commuter corridor.

New NV bus lane needs to be cleared of jerks

Dear Editor: We now have a dedicated bus lane feeding to southbound Lions Gate Bridge traffic, which I am certain most will agree is a great thing as more time-efficient bus trips are bound to encourage people to use public transport.