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Quick response required for rioters

Dear Editor: Your Aug. 12 Viewpoint, Core Problem, concerns me greatly. It stirs the anger and frustration I continue to feel over the Vancouver hockey riot.

Thanks for Harmony Arts

Dear Editor: My wife and I have just spent a most enjoyable week at West Vancouver's Harmony Arts Festival and I would like to thank Odlum Brown, the District of West Vancouver and all the sponsors for their generosity in providing us with so many wo

Riots breed opportunist looters

Dear Editor: The day before the riots started in London which are now spreading to other English cities, I was in the East End of the capital.

Concert chatter is disrespectful

Dear Editor: Congratulations, Harmony Arts Festival! It was a wonderful festival as always, but even more so with the addition of the wine garden, Pacific Arbour Garden Stage and the expanded art market.

Cherish the freedom to protest in peace

Dear Editor: Your Aug. 10 story, Ship Protesters Demand Truth from Military was a great article. What a gift to have the freedom to protest in peace.

Royal pain

THE recent decision by our federal government to restore the Royal title to Canada's navy and air force can easily be seen as a sop to loyal Conservative supporters, and there's no doubt that it is.

You said it

"I heard stories - soldiers going into people's houses in the middle of the night, taking their brothers from them - that I'll never be able to forget.

WV's heart needs restarting

Dear Editor: More, please.

High price

IT'S depressing to watch as community groups walk away in disgust from the so-called public inquiry into the murder of scores of women from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

A town divided by folly

Dear Editor: Once again, columnist Elizabeth James hits the nail on the head (Swollen Tax Bills Are a Levy on Lethargy, Aug. 3, North Shore News). The incredible duplication of local government services in the Metro region deserves attention.