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Just 'cause we killed it doesn't mean we're against it

Dear Editor: No one who voted against the HST is anti-HST; we are anti-higher-taxes and unhappy with the Liberals. The introduction of this tax showed just how out of touch the Liberal government is with B.C. citizens.

MLA Sultan adds insult to injury

Dear Editor: With his snide and condescending comments, elitist West Vancouver MLA Ralph Sultan roundly insults the 900,000 or so B.C. residents who voted down the HST (Referendum Defeat Puts End to HST, Aug. 28, North Shore News).

Stand needs moving, not removing

Dear Editor: Surely this spot of trouble over Brian's Fruit Stand is being blown out of proportion; he has a legitimate right, and license, to sell his fruit on Dickinson Crescent.

Now plan has roots in then

Dear Editor: Thank you for the attention to Ambleside, and to the sustained community and council effort over the past decade to improve upon the heart of West Vancouver (AmblesideWhen? Aug. 21, North Shore News).

A great man who loved a great country

Dear Editor: Watching Jack Layton's funeral with millions of Canadians, emotions run strong.

Anti-fruit mansion owner should set sights elsewhere

Dear Editor: Boo hoo for West Vancouver homeowner Paul Marshall (Mansion Owner Takes on Fruit Man, Aug. 24, North Shore News). Kudos to the district's Bob Sokol for seeing through the ridiculousness of his complaint about Brian's Fruit Stand.

A costly victory

The hated HST is dead. Soon its equally unloved cousin, the PST, will be dug up and pressed back into service.

Road crew paving way to financial ruin

Dear Editor: I would like your help. Earlier this year, a crew came to our neighborhood and conducted the most frivolous undertaking imaginable.

Plastic waste solution in the bag

Dear Editor: Regarding the plastic-shopping-bag environmental issue (Plastic Bags Return to NV Supermarket, Aug.

Gambling problem

THE recommendations issued this week by B.C.'s gaming and enforcement branch that aim to steer the province's casinos away from cash are just a baby step on the road to combating money laundering.