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Fees on milk bad for families

Dear Editor: In reference to the Sept. 16 North Shore News story Got Milk? Maybe You Gotta Have a Deposit, I agree with District of North Vancouver Coun. Roger Bassam that the staff proposal to support a deposit on milk containers constitutes a tax.

Resources are us

THE economy and job creation are clearly on the minds of both our provincial and federal governments.

Save these purple maples

Dear Editor: Last Monday (Sept. 19), as I was walking to the bus stop I had occasion to walk on Eastern Avenue past the row of beautiful and somewhat rare purple maples.

Mini billboards invade W. Van

Dear Editor: It wasn't long ago that there was a huge community outcry about a limited number of First Nations billboards.

Canada's health-care foot soldiers are the best

Dear Editor: I have recently undergone two major surgeries in quick succession at Lions Gate Hospital including stays totaling 12 days in hospital.

Increase fares, not TransLink taxes

Dear Editor: I'd like to express my vehement opposition to an increase in gas or property taxes to subsidize TransLink. We are taxed to the max and cannot afford any more increases.

Addicted to revenue

BRITISH Columbia's addiction to gambling is continuing to reap sad stories. But despite mounting evidence that gambling expansion has created a host of social problems, the government has been slow to do anything about them. Most recently, a B.C.
Inquiring Reporter: Do stiffer sentences make our communities safer?

Inquiring Reporter: Do stiffer sentences make our communities safer?

Picking up the bill

For a government supposedly bent on fiscal prudence, the Tories have spared no expense when it comes to unnecessary and wrong-headed legislation.

Taxes up, density up, traffic way up

Dear Editor: My homeowner taxes were increased this year 25 per cent. What do I get for this? A current sign on Marine Drive advises residents to "use alternate route" September/October due to construction. At 12:45 p.m.