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Use your smarts when digging in the garden

Good posture will help to prevent injuries

Take a look at lighting

IT may sound a little dull but choosing the right light fixtures in your home is very important when it comes to good design. Most interior designers would agree that lighting plays a crucial role in the overall look of a space.

Find deep snow at Mt. Washington

"DID you bring the house keys?" my husband, Michael, asked as we drove into Mount Washington Alpine Resort.

Let's Thai one on for lots of flavour

THAI food is a favourite of mine; the blend of sour, salty and sweet elements creates such intriguing flavor profiles. It's not that difficult to create a delicious Thaiinspired meal at home.

Arthritis easy to miss

Chronic illness can benefit from early treatment

Street food taste test points to the future

Deana Lancaster [email protected] LAST week, I jumped at the chance to take part in the taste test judging panel that would help the City of Vancouver hand out street vending permits for 2012.

DIY projects inspire

- DIY Furniture, by Christopher Stuart (Laurence King Publishers, 145 pages) $27.95. MAKING your own furniture doesn't have to mean a bookcase made of boards and concrete blocks.

SPCA looking for animal lovers

CALLING all North Shore animal lovers. The BC SPCA's West Vancouver Branch is looking for residents from the North Shore to sit on a community council to help achieve the society's mission of protecting animals.

Here are some little energy-saving tips

- Electronic devices continue to consume "phantom" or standby power even when not being used, adding five to 10 per cent to your energy bill.

What's going on for seniors

NOTICES Getting to Know You: All community members 55+ are invited to join the Lynn Valley Seniors' Association for a wine and appetizers social evening Thursday, March 1, 7-9 p.m.