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Make yourself visible on nighttime walks

IT was about 7 p.m. at night and a monsoon was raging outside as I drove home at the end of my day. I signaled to turn right onto my street and out of the corner of my eye noticed someone step into the street in front of me.
Adventures made accessible

Adventures made accessible

KARIM Ladki knows firsthand how quickly life can change. In 2007, at age 21, he experienced a car crash in Kelowna, resulting in a C7 vertebrae fracture. Having broken his neck, he faced the possibility of paralysis.

The Chileans are coming to wine fest 2012

WHILE it may not quite be just around the corner, next year's wine festival is looming faster than you think.

Simple tips to stay focused

YOU want to be healthy and stay fit but you always find yourself getting distracted. Life gets in the way; the regular pull of the nine-to-five and your kids' extracurriculars.

Mexico the place to go for windsport

OLA Baja! A giant pelican swoops down from the sky and glides effortlessly along the water as I enjoy an unobstructed view of the Sea of Cortez.

Forum helps seniors at risk

POPULATION aging, as the World Health Organization reminds us, is a success story. Many older adults in the Metro Vancouver Region are active, healthy and leading independent lives. Others are not so lucky.

Bold and futuristic is the look at MAC

IT'S getting darker outside. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. There's something about a winter night that invokes excitement, especially if you've got a holiday party or two to attend.
Duo crafts artful leather accessories

Duo crafts artful leather accessories

ONE man's garbage is another man's treasure, and if it's up to two local designers, that translates into some hip new accessories.

Fashion file

Red Sock Project: Homewares retailer Nood has kicked off its annual Red Sock Project at all its store locations, including Marine Dr., North Vancouver.
Photos: Wear Else Fashion Show

Photos: Wear Else Fashion Show

Wear Else and Deloitte recently co-hosted an evening of fashion for professional women, with a presentation that highlighted fall-winter trends, including Mad Men styling.