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Wintering waterfowl aplenty

AUTUMN is the season when birds are really on the move (such as in peak migration) but by December, birds that are going to stay for the winter have settled in. Of course, there are always a few late-comers, or stragglers.

Think ahead with Christmas cookies

IT seems that no matter how well organized you think you are, every year Christmas comes sneaking up and before you know it there are only days left to prepare.
Pulled pork is a winner

Pulled pork is a winner

NORTH Vancouver resident Robert Luft needs your help.

Know your building codes, bylaws

FOR those of you who've had the pleasure of dealing with a municipality regarding zoning and building code requirements, you've no doubt discovered what a frustrating and confusing experience it can be.

Xmas a time to teach values

THE toy lists are out. Pick up any parenting magazine and the pages are filled with all the wonderful toys available for kids this year. And those are only the products that passed the scrutiny of test families.

Season's greetings

WE don't always have time to sit down and create our own Christmas cards and invitations but if you have a spare Saturday or Sunday morning you may want to try this simple one. Homemade cards are always appreciated and treasured by the recipient.
Photos & Video: Christmas on the Town

Photos & Video: Christmas on the Town

Make yourself visible on nighttime walks

IT was about 7 p.m. at night and a monsoon was raging outside as I drove home at the end of my day. I signaled to turn right onto my street and out of the corner of my eye noticed someone step into the street in front of me.
Adventures made accessible

Adventures made accessible

KARIM Ladki knows firsthand how quickly life can change. In 2007, at age 21, he experienced a car crash in Kelowna, resulting in a C7 vertebrae fracture. Having broken his neck, he faced the possibility of paralysis.

The Chileans are coming to wine fest 2012

WHILE it may not quite be just around the corner, next year's wine festival is looming faster than you think.