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Fishing resources at the ready

WITH spring in the air, my attention tends to wander from the tasks at hand to the lake, or river or ocean as I start thinking about my first fishing trips of the year. This year is no exception.

NV man's short film to premiere June 5

Community invited to view works by Silver Harbour Digital Storytelling participants

Rose is on the rise

DESPITE last week's soggy clime, the Hired Belly encountered at least a couple of sunny spots, or more, most of them in a glass of some kind. Cast your mind back a few years and you might recall that the May passage into June used to be warm.

Duo tackles relay triple-header

Former camper and counsellor to complete three Easter Seals 24 Hour Relays this month


THOSE behind a long-term national health research project are recruiting North Shore residents to participate, helping researchers learn more about preventing cancer and other chronic diseases for future generations. The B.C.

Campaign aims to prevent teen drinking

WE see them every day. We probably don't even notice them, but they're there: Alcohol ads. On our televisions, in our magazines, on the radio, they pop-up and roll past us as we surf various social media sites.

Owner awareness is key

IT is no surprise to me that there has been a dramatic number of dog bites to humans in the last few years.

300 exclamation points

If you need evidence that Chrysler has changed, look no further than the marketing for the redesigned 300 sedan. Not the sedan itself well get to that but the marketing.

N. Van yarn bombers unite

STARTING next week, keen observers may notice trees suddenly sporting warm vests. Fear not, the new look has nothing to do with a pine beetle infestation. Instead, the knitted attire is part of a unique community public art project called Tag . . .

Green space revitalized

Students, teachers, and parents at Cleveland elementary pruned, weeded, and chopped their way into two new outdoor classrooms Friday.
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