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Moving fashion forward

100 Ideas That Changed Fashion, by Harriet Worsley, Laurence King Publishing, 214 pages, $33.95 THE modern fashion world is an every changing multi-billion dollar industry.

Rare pink diamond a first for Canada

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but the latest addition to Lugaro Jewellers' collection could probably start its own fan club
Safer Porsche still growls

Safer Porsche still growls

Soothe winter-weary skin

SKIN feeling a little dull this time of year? Welcome to the club. Winter is an ideal time to get a facial because our skin can use an extra pickme-up, with all the cold weather outside.

Food calendar

Toast Holiday Traditions with seasonal culinary events at Hart House on Deer Lake in Burnaby. A seasonal luncheon buffet will run weekdays until Dec. 23 with two seatings starting at 11 a.m. or 1: 30 p.m. Cost: $38.

Build a winter basket

HANGING baskets are normally thought of as a beautification for the summer garden. However, the use of hanging baskets for the winter garden can provide foliage interest and some much needed colour during our grey coastal winter.

Wintering waterfowl aplenty

AUTUMN is the season when birds are really on the move (such as in peak migration) but by December, birds that are going to stay for the winter have settled in. Of course, there are always a few late-comers, or stragglers.

Think ahead with Christmas cookies

IT seems that no matter how well organized you think you are, every year Christmas comes sneaking up and before you know it there are only days left to prepare.
Pulled pork is a winner

Pulled pork is a winner

NORTH Vancouver resident Robert Luft needs your help.

Know your building codes, bylaws

FOR those of you who've had the pleasure of dealing with a municipality regarding zoning and building code requirements, you've no doubt discovered what a frustrating and confusing experience it can be.