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Food Calendar

Adventures in Cooking: Cooking instructor Maureen Goulet of Ambrosia Adventures will teach a cooking class Thursday, June 28, 6: 45-9: 30 p.m. at Y Franks store, 503 15th St., West Vancouver.
Pier 7: can't beat this view

Pier 7: can't beat this view

PSST. Want to know where the best view in the city is? I've got the goods. I'm not talking about a perspective that can only be had from a private residence, or say, from a boat.
What's old is new again

What's old is new again

IS there a piece of furniture in your home that is looking a little worn and could do with a little attention? Perhaps it's a piece that has been handed down through generations and requires a little update? Many people are faced with this decision w

Take holistic approach to pest control

PEST and disease control continues to be one of the most challenging problems for gardeners to solve.

A view to the world outside

WHAT is a window? For most homes a window is simply cut-out in an exterior wall that allows some measure of light to enter the house while providing a view to the outside.

Banish back-talk and bad behaviour

Kids learn by watching others

Preschool adapts to working parents

AFTER 58 years of mandatory parental participation, Upper Lonsdale preschool is changing its approach to early education next September in the hopes of boosting sagging enrolment.

Green guide

Lawn Sprinkling Regulation: Until Sept. 30 sprinkling will be permitted from 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. only. Even numbered addresses may sprinkle Mondays, Wednesdays or Saturdays and odd numbered addresses on Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays.

A picnic for Canada Day

IF the weather gods smile on us this weekend, pack up your cooler and head to the beach for a good old-fashioned picnic.

Students return from UN summit

STUDENTS from a North Vancouver Montessori school got a chance to walk the halls of power at the United Nations headquarters in New York in May.