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Pile on the jewels

DEAR Mattie: What should I wear to my Christmas party? Curious in Lynn Valley Dear Lynn Valley: Where is the party? Who is having the party? You should ask yourself when putting your holiday outfit together.

Fashion file

Red Sock Project: Homewares retailer Nood is running its annual Red Sock Project at all its store locations, including Marine Dr., North Vancouver.

Cold comfort

NO guy wants to wear a Christmas sweater emblazoned with reindeer or embroidered with elves. Grafton 1853's zip mock sweater ($149.50) in cashmere is classic elegance that will stand out at holiday gatherings and beyond.

The supercar as art

- Form Follows Function, by Stuart Codling with photography by James Mann, Motorbooks, 222 pages, $44.00. THEY are the dream cars for auto enthusiasts.

Youngsters ski for free

THE 2011/2012 ski season has officially begun and if your child is in grades 4 or 5, it's the perfect chance to get a SnowPass.

Wow the hostess with gifts from your kitchen

THE Christmas party season is upon us, and I think it's always a nice gesture to take a little gift for your hostess.

Morning routine will ease clothing battles

"IT'S not that he can't dress himself," a frazzled parent explained to me as I was giving a presentation on teaching independence, "It's just that he takes forever. I end up nagging, yelling, threatening. It's a lousy start to the day.

Christmas: make it a games night

Break the ice with fun THERE'S lots to look forward to every Christmas - good food, good friends, that new baking cookbook I've been asking for (hint hint). But there are also perils. Namely: the family.

Food calendar

Toast Holiday Traditions with seasonal culinary events at Hart House on Deer Lake, 6664 Deer Lake Ave., Burnaby. Schedule: A seasonal luncheon buffet will run weekdays until Dec. 23 with two hour seatings starting at 11 a.m. or 1: 30 p.m.

Georgie finalists announced

SEVERAL North Shore developers and construction projects are among the finalists for this year's Georgie Awards. The Canadian Home Builders' Association of B.C.