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Rezoning does require our approval

Dear Editor: I was stunned to read in the Nov. 9 North Shore News the report on the public hearing on the Shell gas station at 13th Street and Marine Drive in West Vancouver. Coun. Michael Lewis said "I think they've missed the boat.

Watch out

THIS week, the provincial government announced the creation of a new auditor-general for local government. It remains to be seen whether this is a good thing.

Not paying the piper cost Vivian Vaughan

Dear Editor: West Vancouver lost an excellent candidate for councillor, Vivian Vaughan, probably because she did not participate in private interviews with the West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government.

A question of harm

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Bauman has confirmed Canada's polygamy law that says multiple marriages are illegal.

Automated electioneering fails

Dear Editor: My message to the most irritating candidates: Some of you decided it was clever and efficient to use an automated recorded message that was sent to my house via telephone (several times).
Inquiring Reporters: Are you planning to watch the Grey Cup this Sunday?

Inquiring Reporters: Are you planning to watch the Grey Cup this Sunday?

No Nov. 11 hustling

Dear Editor: I had the disgusting misfortune on Remembrance Day to see a local politician up at Local 114 Legion (Lynn Valley) going about selling herself for the Nov. 19 election.

Picking over the election's entrails

IS West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government (WVCGG) a monster that eats a whole town's political culture every three years, then burps, digests and snores for the next three? Or just nice neighbours, exchanging apple pie recipes over the back fenc

Keep Low Level plan on track

Dear Editor: As a resident of Lower Lonsdale and keen follower of Port Metro Vancouver's and the city's movement on the proposed rail expansion project, I think it is time that we all get something straight: the name of this project.

Nov. 11 crowd's community spirit empowering

Dear Editor: I am a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and for the past 17 years have been stationed in North Vancouver. Over the years it has been an honour for my colleagues and I to participate in the Remembrance Day ceremonies.
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