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Lost hiker recounts ordeal of suffering

Hypothermia and lack of food and water led to hallucinations

Murder trial hears bloody testimony

NV man and one other accused of axe killing on logging road


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Mayor-elect Smith embraces restraint

WHAT'S the world coming to? Mike Smith is mayor-acclaimed of West Vancouver, he's a long-time fuel distributor for Esso - yet he can't get a fillup in his own town. Smith's car runs on diesel.

Flamenco a way of life for Juan Martin

Spanish guitarist tours the world with his Andalusian ensemble

North Van hockey star takes off with Winnipeg Jets

When NHL hockey returned to Winnipeg, North Vancouvers Ben Maxwell was there to see it all from a front row seat.

Car fire ignites North Vancouver home

A North Vancouver homeowner had a close call Tuesday when a vehicle burst into flame on his property and set fire to his house. Firefighters were called to the home in the 1500-block of Frederick Road just before 11 a.m.

Nine days lost on Grouse

A missing man has been found cold and soaked but alive after spending nine days in the Grouse Mountain wilderness

West Vancouver school trustee hopefuls debate

THREE incumbents faced off against three hopefuls as the school trustee candidates took the stage for a debate at the Kay Meek Centre Thursday. With less than a month until five trustees are chosen in the Nov.

West Vancouver developers say amenity contributions need revision

WEST Vancouver staff plan to propose a change to the way they calculate "community amenity contributions" after the election, following complaints from developers.