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Kay Meek summer program gives North Shore performers a chance to shine

Youth Conservancy summer program puts young artists in the spotlight
Kay Meek - web
Cast members from 2018’s Seussical performance take a seat at the Kay Meek Arts Centre.

Looking for a chance to shine in the spotlight this summer?

The Kay Meek Summer Youth Conservatory might be the program for you. The West Vancouver-based arts centre’s musical theatre summer program sets students on a learning path that encourages them to excel as young artists and ensemble members.

The summer program organizers develop an individualized program for each student that showcases their strengths and puts them on a path of growth in other areas. This process focuses on the development of their skills in dance, voice and acting, as well as leadership and teamwork.

The groups participate in the building of an entire production including character development, production design, and production management. The creation of an entire production from scratch creates a unique and valuable experience for each participant. The course has been developed to ensure it equally supports both individual growth and team building – effectively demonstrating how working collaboratively leads to greater success. Students will not only leave with greater skills, but with a sense of trust, support, and lasting bonds.

Programs are offered in two age groups, 8-13 and 13-18, with each group presenting a different production that will be filmed for viewing at home. The summer program will have strict COVID-19 protocols in place, with group sizes reduced, mandatory mask wearing, and physical distancing rules in place for all rehearsals and classes.

For more information, visit Kay Meek's website. This article originally appeared in a Summer Registration special feature section of the North Shore News. Check out the feature in the April 28 edition of the newspaper for more summer camp ideas.