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You said it

"The main home is only 21,000 square feet. You can build up to 70,000. You could build a Gates home on there, really.

Falcon frets over B.C.'s economic growth

FINANCE Minister Kevin Falcon seems to have suddenly become very nervous.

Crime lapse

Crime is dropping in Canada, and if the government would listen, it could save us a lot of money.

Belay the other pension, Captain Hahn

DAVID Hahn has a handsome salary, a fabulous pension, and plummeting respect on Main Street and possibly asea. For the next two years B.C.

Fish fry

WHATEVER happened to those stencilled yellow salmon that used to be a much greater part of the North Shore landscape? Perhaps the proliferation of the salmon silhouettes on our curbs tended to dull our notice of them, but we still believe they make c

Build our cities better

Dear Editor: What's with everyone's one-track mind? Building a costly octopus sprawl of mass transportation infrastructure is a bottomless pit.

NSCU density purchase is no 'donation'

Dear Editor: The North Shore Credit Union/Wesgroup is parading around our community saying they are "giving" a $1-million donation to the Media Arts Gallery at Presentation House as part of their development proposal at 13th Street and Lonsdale Avenu

Provide special ed or more school choice

Dear Editor: Regarding your July 3 story, Supreme Court Will Hear NV Parent's Appeal: The Moore ruling and subsequent appeals highlight many issues with special education, learning and other disabilities that continue to be a problem in the North Van

MLAs just don't get it

Dear Editor: I write in response to the letter from our four MLAs published July 15. As an anti-HST campaigner who personally witnessed more than 1,000 signatures, I call this letter to question. We all "know" that the HST is better for B.C.

Speed bump

PEOPLE can generally accept not getting everything they want, but what really gets them mad is feeling like they've been cheated.
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