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Someone put a mask on Harry Jerome statue in Vancouver

The Stanley Park sculpture of North Vancouver track and field legend appears to be following Dr. Bonnie Henry's advice

Wondering whether to wear a mask on your next outing? Feel free to take some inspiration from Stanley Park's Harry Jerome statue. 
The sculpture of the Canadian track and field runner can be seen wearing a mask in a photo posted to Facebook yesterday.

The local display follows in the footsteps of statues around the world that have been covered up by masks recently, as the world continues to adjust to the physical distancing measures and safety precautions that have become a part of the new normal brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In an effort to further reduce the spread of the virus as restrictions begin lifting, Canada's public health officialscontinue to recommend wearing non-medical masks in situations where physical distancing is difficult. 

Photos posted to social media show everyone from the fearless girl statue in New York City to a sculpture of Bruce Lee in Hong Kong hopping aborad the trend - figuratively speaking, of course.