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North Vancouver hobby photographer shares hilarious eagle images (PHOTOS)

The expressions on the eagles’ faces make these photos particularly meme-worthy, especially the last photo. 🦅

A North Vancouver hobby photographer has snapped a series of hilarious images of a pair of eagles landing on The Shipyards Crane – which ends with a little surprise.  

Mark Teasdale was out taking photos of the Valentine’s Day performers in the area over the long weekend on Monday (Feb. 15) when he stopped to take a break at Caffe Artigiano. From previous photography adventures, he knew the deck was a good spot to see the eagles that stop by for a rest on the yellow crane in between hunting seagull nests nearby at Seaspan's North Van shipyards.

It was about 2:30 p.m. when he captured the four-photo series, beginning with one eagle about to land onto the crane and the other staring back, both squawking. The expressions on the eagles’ faces make the photos particularly meme-worthy, especially the last photo. Timed perfectly, Teasdale captured the moment one of the eagles decides to do its business, while the other eagle looks over almost in disgust.

Teasdale said the photo series is a fun reminder to “be careful where you choose to sit in the beer gardens below.”

“We all go sit underneath there in the beer garden in the summer ... but you don't always realize what's coming down on you,” he laughed.

“People aren’t usually aware of them until they get hit!”

Photography has long been a passion for Teasdale, who said it was always a great experience to see what the eagles were getting up to at The Shipyards.

“There’s not usually very many [eagles] because there are not many trees," said Teasdale. "They’ve taken down a lot of the trees, especially the taller ones.

“You don't see very many, that's for sure, on the North Shore. So, it's always a delight to see them in that spot.”

The eagle photos are also part of a bigger picture.

Daily photos a 'window to the North Shore'

More recently, Teasdale started posting photos of his daily adventures on his Twitter page @MarksGonePublic to share a window into the North Shore for people who can’t get out as much due to COVID-19.

“When I am out photographing, I am always looking for interesting areas on the North Shore,” he said. “I post what I get up to on Twitter and find there are many people still locked down and fear going out due to COVID. And people are like, ‘Oh, it’s so nice to be able to see the outdoors again.’

“So, my walkabouts give many at home a glimpse into my life on the North Shore. "Sometimes I post me just watching the sun go down, to other days giving advice on the best areas to sit in the beer garden so the eagles don't interrupt your drinks.”

Teasdale, a computer programmer who runs his real estate company, Unique Accommodations, from home, said he knew how important it was to take a break and get outside. 

“I have worked from home for over 20 years and know it's important for me to get out an hour or two a day to have work-life balance,” he said, adding that he went on daily walks with his camera to capture a moment.

“It, kind of, balances things out a little bit better, because, with photography, it changes your state of mind. You start thinking about things differently. You start looking at the world differently. 

“Just getting out and just clearing your head. That's a really good reset.”

Follow Teasdale's daily photos on his Twitter page @MarkGoesPublic.

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