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It's good living at the night market

It's good living at the night market

SOME of my favourite moments come when I look around me and consider how much I love living in this place.

Make use of nice views

WHY is it that so many homes seem to have been plopped onto their site with little or no consideration to the environment they inhabit, their windows appearing as decorative elements facing out to nothing at all while stellar views meet with the blan
Peer support

Peer support

THE success of a program seeing those in recovery from mental illness offer support to those currently struggling was celebrated on the North Shore Wednesday.

what's going on for seniors

NOTICES Heritage Hike: The Elders Council for Parks in British Columbia will host a free workshop with Alex Douglas of the Mount Seymour History Project Thursday, Aug. 18 at 10 a.m.

The unhumbling world of e-narcissism

WHEN did we start to live so loud? What made us decide that attention was the ultimate commodity? Maybe it's another unfortunate modern phenomenon that we can blame on Madonna.

WV seniors live longer than peers in region

Last time in this column, I featured a profile of the seniors population in North Vancouver.

Boxes spark controversy

B.C. wine laws move in mysterious ways. Just when the Hired Belly thinks things are getting better, we wind up scratching our head . . .

The silence of the dogs: worth imitating

AS I sat on the deck of my girlfriend's place sipping an ice cold, um . . . lemonade, we watched her ailing senior dog nap in the shade of a maple tree.

The scoop on dog breeds

- The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds. By Joan Palmer. Chartwell Books; $14.95. THERE is a wealth of information on various dog breeds in this book.

Columnist captures the highs and lows

THE anticipation of this year's B.C. Bike Race was huge for me. I've been involved since its inception five years ago when Dean Payne (dressed in a suit) hosted a mini meeting for prospective sponsors and people close to him.
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