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New kitchen redefines elegance

New kitchen redefines elegance

HOW do you take a kitchen from drab to fab? Just ask these West Vancouver homeowners. For seven years the kitchen of their home was left untouched.

Tips for taming tantrums

YOUR friend Deirdre has dropped over for a visit. You each have a cup of coffee and are all ready to catch up on all the gossip. Sitting on the floor nearby is your son Aiden and her son Tyler.

It's about the student at Collingwood

From the admissions process, through thirteen years of education and beyond as alumni, Collingwood provides a personalized approach to each student's education.

Pursuing passion in life

Kate Shepard, a Grade 12 student at Mulgrave School, has been pursuing her passion for dance throughout her high school career. Mornings are spent at Mulgrave, studying course work in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

What's going on for seniors

The Caregivers' Journey: A free four-week series focusing on building skills to deal with the challenges and opportunities in caregiving Tuesdays, 1: 30-3: 30 p.m., starting Feb. 14 at North Shore Community Resources, Room 203, 935 Marine Dr.

NV adventurer extends virtual journey invite

HOLED up in his tent seeking protection from the frigid Antarctic weather during a South Pole quest, Kevin Vallely was shattered.

Ditch the habitual buys and try something new

WHEN it comes to buying wine are you a creature of habit? Perhaps for no other reason than you know what you like? Or possibly, because you feel there's too much risk in heading for unfamiliar territory - so, why bother otherwise? A couple of weeks b
Fairy tales for ALS

Fairy tales for ALS

THERE is a moment that stands out in Ashley Forshaw's memory of her late father's battle with ALS.

NV company changes face of obesity

Body Exchange featured at upcoming Vancouver Wellness Show

Address aggression problems early

IF you have ever seen a litter of puppies nursing off their mother or eating their first meal of solid food, it is a calamity to say the least. It resembles more of a wrestling match than a sit-down dinner with the siblings.