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North Shore fire departments honoured for emergency planning

Co-ordinated emergency response plan highlighted
A North Shore Emergency management staffer uses a smoke signal during the Nov. 18, 2015 disaster response simulation Operation Windshield.

If an unthinkable event – like a major earthquake or a wildfire – were to happen on the North Shore, residents can breathe a little easier knowing some of the best in the business have their backs.

The three North Shore fire departments have been recognized for their work in preparing for potential disaster by Public Safety Canada.

The organization has honoured the fire departments with its Emergency Management Exemplary Service Award - Outstanding Contribution to Emergency Management. 

District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services, North Vancouver City Fire Department, and West Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services received the award for the work of their fire services emergency management committee, which developed a major emergency operations plan to co-ordinate emergency response between the departments in case of a disaster.

The group is supported by the North Shore Emergency Management office.

The award recognizes exceptional service and achievement in the areas of prevention, preparation, response, and recovery from emergencies and disasters in Canada.

Combined, there are ten fires stations across the North Shore and 280 uniformed firefighters serving 180,000 people across the three municipalities.