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Pink LemonAid: Verve Hair Lounge and Art Gallery will host a Pink LemonAid stand and Fun Day, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on July 17, in conjunction with Party at the Pier.
Blondme mousse boosts shine

Blondme mousse boosts shine

SUMMER is all about bikinis, bronze skin and sun-kissed blonde hair. To give blonde hair that luscious airy summer look, try Blondme Volumising Luminosity Mousse by Schwarzkopf Professional.

Recycle your old electronics this spring

You may not be as organized as Martha Stewart (she has a three-page checklist), but if youre like most of us, spring cleaning is a ritual not to be missed.

Benefits of learning a new language early

Bilingualism is a unique part of Canada's national identity and that's reflected in the language programs offered at schools throughout the country. The most popular of these is French Immersion, available at various schools on the North Shore.

North Shore Routes Available

Routes are always coming available in North and West Vancouver. Please apply to find out if there are routes in your area/neighbourhood.

Living the North Shore dream

Everybody talks about it, but nobody actually does it. North Shore residents take pride in telling those from elsewhere that we live in a place where you can ski and golf in the same day, yet I've never met anyone that has actually done it.