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BOOKS: Muscle memory

The Ultimate Guide to Muscle Cars by Jim Glastonbury, Chartwell Books (441 pages, $28) The concept was reasonably simple.

BOOKS: The evolution of Ducati motorcycles

The Art of Ducati by Ian Falloon ( Motorbooks, 240 pages ) $65. From humble beginnings producing what was really just a motorized bicycle, the Ducati brand has risen to the very top of the motorcycle world.

MCALEER: A world of wonders outside cellphone range

No service. The top right corner of my smartphone has been saying the same thing for the last half hour: no service, no email, no Facebook, no Twitter.

REVIEW: Go anywhere in style in Range Rover Sport

The appeal of Land Rover's products is in the automaker's tradition of offering the ability to "go anywhere" in luxury. The Range Rover Sport continues that trend while providing even more on-road refinement.

EDITORIAL: Worth addressing

Here’s a trick question: Where do you live? Is it A) In Ottawa? or B) Not in Ottawa? While it seems straightforward, to those senators occupying Canada’s house of sober second thought, apparently it’s a real stumper.

BALDREY: Accountability is not a dirty word to be avoided

Eventually, in the life of a government, arrogance and cynicism seem to inevitably find their way into the core of its existence. After 15 years in power, we may be witnessing that with the B.C.

BOOKS: Chronicling the Corvette

Art Of The Corvette By Randy Leffingwell, Motorbooks (224 Pages, $55) Uniquely American, the Corvette has stood the test of time to become an iconic sports car.
ACE-IT: Teens building for the future

ACE-IT: Teens building for the future

Popular trades training credit course equips students with more than carpentry skills
REVIEW: MDX still Acura's ace in the hole

REVIEW: MDX still Acura's ace in the hole

Luxury tall wagons come in many forms and the Acura MDX has consistently been a go-to, ever since the first one was launched about 15 years ago.

Fiat offers a family 500

Small hatchback wagons that can be ordered with all-wheel drive are all the rage these days, and that's what might give the new Fiat 500X a shot at stardom.