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Vancouver relief agency celebrates 30 years of “helping neighbours right on the North Shore”

Harvest Projects asks the community to support its anniversary campaign fundraiser
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Harvest Project is marking 30 years of extending a hand up to people across Metro-Vancouver’s North Shore by launching an anniversary fundraising campaign.

“We really want to offer thanks to our community for that huge long commitment to helping one’s neighbours right here on the North Shore,” development officer Kevin Lee says.

“That’s something to celebrate and it’s also time to remind our friends and stakeholders that there is more work to be done. We’re thankful and we are looking for continuing support.”

Harvest Project supports those challenged by family trauma, illness, job loss, and those oppressed by poverty. They provide a variety of services, including coaching and counsel, the North Shore Rent Bank, grocery and nutrition support, and the Clothes For Change social enterprise thrift shop.

The grassroots urban relief agency works to restore healthier lives to those individuals and families who have found themselves on the margins and is supported broadly across the community by households, businesses, schools, and community groups as both donors and volunteers.

“It’s really a spectrum of offerings, led off by actively listening to the visitor/ client and walking alongside them for a couple years until that person is really able to reconnect and rejoin the healthier mainstream of the community. We spend a lot of time with the client and the goal is to help that person in their drive to get well and in doing that to make the larger community a better, healthier place,” Lee says.

“We bring a very local and human approach to social services. The North Shore is fortunate to have a great range of service providers. The Harvest Project is really a landing spot, a safety net for the community.”

Harvest Project offers accessible services, and respects the value of each person and the diversity of its community. The organization is committed to holistic and compassionate support for the most vulnerable people on the North Shore, working to meet their changing needs.

“Over the 30 years of our existence, the North Shore community has changed hugely in terms of its makeup and challenges that are being faced and Harvest Project has worked to adapt as well and to bring timely and tangible help to meet the needs of the day,” Lee says.

“We have a lot of folks to thank for their support over the years. There have been thousands of volunteers and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours contributed by people around the North Shore.”

The community’s support will enable Harvest Project to continue serving hundreds of neighbours who will need help in the coming year.

“A really valuable way to celebrate with us would be to make a donation,” Lee says.

To make a donation to help those in your community get a hand up today, visit