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This internationally-renowned Vancouver Island boarding school is ‘where students choose to be’

Brentwood College School's inspired curriculum & innovative approach sets a global standard

We all want the best for our children and to provide them with optimal opportunities to ensure they can reach their fullest potential. The key to finding exceptional secondary education for your child is to look for a school that is diverse and inclusive while demonstrating a sense of belonging. 

One that will help develop them holistically with a well-rounded, purpose-driven approach where they can pursue and discover their passions while forging their own unique path to learning.  

Established in 1923, Brentwood College School has set a global standard for inspirational and transformative learning and leadership, expertly positioning students for higher education institutions and limitless possibilities.

Situated on a 90-acre stunning oceanfront campus in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island, Brentwood is armed with an international reputation that matches its educational profile as one of the best boarding schools in Canada—and the world.

The 90-acre stunning oceanfront campus is located in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island. Photo via: Brentwood College School.

As a progressive co-educational boarding school for Grades 8 to 12, Brentwood’s prospective students are drawn to its innovative approach and university prep programs. It's a dynamic, leading environment that empowers students to engage deeply in their diverse interests, expand their horizons, and create a choice to make change in the world.

Brentwood’s multifaceted approach to education considers the student’s comprehensive development to ensure they are best prepared to enter the wider world - post-secondary and beyond - with empathy, compassion, community-mindedness and a keen awareness of global issues.

The inspiration behind its balanced curriculum of academics, arts and athletics is to encourage students to foster their unique strengths while pursuing new interests they can carry with them through life.

Brentwood’s community values are grit and joy. "Our values are under the expectation of support, building relationships, and being alongside each other," says Cheryl Murtland, deputy head-academics, Brentwood College School. 

"We often hear students say how much the teachers and Brentwood employees care about them, and they feel that genuine care."

Comprehensive curriculum, multicultural community 

Roughly 54% of students are B.C. residents, others are from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, and approximately 35% are international. Photo via: Brentwood College School.

With students attending from six continents and diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds, Brentwood offers a comprehensive orientation process and considerate and supportive Boarding Life to help new students integrate and adjust quickly to campus life.

Students drive the boarding culture, and boarding life is at the very core of the Brentwood experience, defined within their tagline, “Where Students Choose to Be.” 

"We are a boarding school, not simply a school with boarding," reveals Murtland. 

According to Murtland, roughly 54% of students are B.C. residents, others are from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec (this year), and says approximately 35% are international.

Students drive the boarding culture, and boarding life is at the very core of the Brentwood experience. Photo via: Brentwood College School.

"An important consideration is that even if a student is a B.C. resident, it doesn't mean they don't contribute to a multicultural perspective," she says. "Ethnic diversity is significant among our Canadian students."

Murtland adds, "Given that Brentwood is predominantly a boarding school, multicultural perspectives are inherent in all conversations, whether they take place in a class, in the dining hall or in the boarding house. Because we focus on developing competencies in our curriculum, the ability to tailor lessons to the interests and experiences of the students is more authentic."

"In courses like Sustainable Engineering 10 and our Metamorphosis 9 program, students are challenged to identify a problem in the world and develop designs to address some aspect of it. Because the students are coming from various parts of the world, the opportunity to consider ideas generated from a variety of experiences is commonplace."

The school believes the ability to tailor lessons to the interests and experiences of the students is more authentic. Photo via: Brentwood College School.

The unique Brentwood Tripartite Program infuses a “whole person” approach into learning a sport, developing an art or studying an academic discipline, which strengthens the will and ability of a young person to grow into a life-long learner. 

For example, Murtland explains: "We live our Tripartite Program in that we mandate all students take physical education up to (and including) grade 12, regardless that the province only requires a grade 10 level to graduate."

"As well, they can't just focus on academics. Likewise with arts. We mandate students take two arts courses, grades 9 through 12. They aren't required to take that many to graduate in British Columbia, but it's important that in addition to their academics and keeping their bodies moving—they're exposed to a variety of different courses in the arts."

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