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Switching home internet providers has never been easier

Customers claim they don’t feel “trapped by a contract or promo” after switching to Babbl

Until 2016, broadband internet service was not deemed an essential service—no siree—that designation was reserved for landline telephones, at least, according to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

Today, home internet service is considered “vital,” just ask anyone who endured the 2020 lockdown. It provided a lifeline to loved ones, friends, and colleagues and a much-needed connection to leisure pursuits (who didn’t adopt a new hobby, say a sourdough starter), not to mention sources of entertainment.

However, without the right provider, finding the best home internet service can be frustrating—as many would attest: dropped Zoom calls, constant buffering, not to mention poor customer service, complicated plans and ridiculously over-priced billing.

These kinds of aggravations have led many western Canadians to switch their internet provider to Babbl Communications Ltd., a new home premium internet service in southwestern B.C. 

“Switching to Babbl could not have been easier,” claims one customer review. “I was with one of the big companies for 20 years and paying over $100 for the same service.”

It’s something Jason Speers, Babbl’s president and founder, hears time and again from Babbl’s satisfied customers.

As a former Shaw employee and industry expert with 20-years’ experience, Speers understands consumer frustrations and created a model to make the home internet experience more efficient without all the complications. Add too, he’s made switching internet providers not only advantageous, but simple for customers.

“Traditionally, when someone wants to switch service providers, it’s been very difficult to do so,” explains Speers. “We put the choice and options into consumers’ hands, not the business’s hands. We’re not tying you into a contract. It’s up to us as a business to keep you as a customer.”

Babbl’s benefits and plans

With low-cost unlimited plans and easy setup, high-quality internet service tops the long list of benefits when you sign up or switch to Babbl.

Babbl offers plans to suit your needs, with a choice of three internet speed options: 75/7.5, 100/10, and 250/15, which are in megabits per second (Mbps).

The casual user most likely suits the Internet 75 Unlimited plan, a regular TikToker, Netflix binger, and even online gamer (with multiple players) might consider the Internet 100 Unlimited plan, or perhaps more fitting for you, the Internet 250 Unlimited plan, perfect for any online family adventure.

According to a recent Google review, one Babbl customer states, “I have been using Babbl for my internet service for a month. My modem/gateway was shipped promptly and was easy to install. I use the modem in bridge mode, and it has worked flawlessly.”

“The speed is good and at least as fast as promised. I highly recommend Babbl for anyone wanting internet access not bundled with cable TV/phone packages.”

All service bundles comprise everything you need to get online, including an all-in-one router and Wi-Fi Hitron CGNM-3550 modem.

“One of our pillars is simple everything,” Speers says.

“What that means is, if you’re looking to switch, the modem gets delivered to your home, and it’s activated during that delivery process. Once it arrives, it’s plug and play ready. No one has to come to your home, and you don’t have to worry about setting up a delivery window,” he explains.

Other outstanding benefits of Babbl include affordably-priced, reliable and secure home internet service, zero contracts and a no-hassle cancellation guarantee.

Another Google review praises Babbl’s benefits:“I love that it is a month-to-month agreement, so I don’t feel trapped by a contract or promo…The quality of Wi-Fi is good, and sometimes better than [other providers] had been and the pricing is very reasonable.”

When you switch to Babbl today, you could be saving 15 to maybe 25% of your current internet plan. And in today’s economy, that’s something equally “vital.”

To sign up for affordable premium home internet, and find a plan that works best for you with no risk, visit